i’m 36, I have three kids, am divorced and trying to learn how to cope with that(being divorced) after a 16 year long marriage. I love tattoos, I love doing hair, I’m a student at Toni & Guy. I love my kids, Star, Wolf and Cynjun. 13,12,and 11.I know right!!! Back to back home births will all! Whew, they keep me busy! Well, I guess thats all about me, at least what I want published on the web, you dont want to know ALL about me Im sure!Me with long hair!

2014  its been a minute since ive felt the need to update. My life has been an adventure, it has brought me laughter it has brought me to tears.  The adventure came with a high cost. It cost me my kids, my peace of mind as  I live with my choices and live through the nightmare I endure in the name of money aka survival.  It is of great consequence that I tell my story, that I am able to walk away from a life of drug dealing.  I worked my way up to the level of wholesale distribution of methamphetamine in a little over one year.  I have a knack for it. The danger didn’t deter my mindset,  in fact only encouraging it. The risk of capture by federal agents challenged me to use wit and my innate creativity stemmed by endless fictional novels I read while married. I took that risk because I couldn’t care less. I had lost my kids in the divorce and then after six months of depression I started using meth on a daily basis replacing my script for adderal. The scripts I sold on the black market at a huge profit, also selling my endless supply of opiate pain relievers and then came the psycodelics. Denied the experience of high school, I was homeschooled, I delved in with all the dedication of a marine recruit and the innocence of a child. Now, as I look back I quiver with the could have been and the what ifs. I digress. I was unprepared for the scandalousness, the treachery and the over all unethical ways of living on and by the streets. I went in actually thinking I could remain unscathed by it all. Quite the opposite.  Raped four times. My rectum ripped and my vaginal wall torn and then tied to a bed for two days I would say

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